Four Questions You Must Ask Your Equipment Hauling Contractor

Equipment Hauling Contractor

Hauling heavy equipment is a complex process and you must ensure the procedures followed are in adherence with appropriate safety measures and regulations. Most firms offering equipment hauling services in Honolulu take utmost care to ensure that the heavy load is well secured and is no apparent risk during the process.

Nevertheless, here are a few questions that you must ask your heavy equipment hauling contractor before hiring them.

Does the Firm Own A Team Of Well Trained Personnel?

An appropriate driver’s license alone does not suffice while hauling and loading heavy equipment. The drivers must be well trained to ensure 100 per cent safety of the equipment. They must be prepared to follow the right speed limits, look out for brake lights and manoeuvre adeptly at all intersections.

Do the Vehicles Satisfy All Licensing Requirements?

There are certain regulations that need to be followed while matching the weight of the vehicle and the trailer to the weight carried by the vehicle. Talk to your contractor about these specifications to avoid paying a violation fine.

Are Vehicles Subjected To Regular Maintenance?

Remember that any damage in the hauling truck finally results in damaging your own equipment. The vehicles must have passed through the state inspection test and must have a clearly visible license plate.

Do the Heavy-Duty Tires Come With Appropriate Weight Rating?

One of the most often overlooked safety feature of the hauling trucks are tires. Check weight ratings of the tires from the sidewalls and ensure they match the weight of the load carried.

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